Abubakr Islamic Center of WA is the center of religious, educational and social activities for the Muslim community in Washington State, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Daily Prayers

The five daily prayers and Jumuah (Friday prayers) are performed in congregation at Abubakr throughout the year. For more information on prayer times, prayer calendar, and scroll to the top of this page. and click Schedule Prayer.

Educational Programs

Family Counseling

Please feel Free to Contact our Imam scroll to the top click ask Imaam. FAMILY COUNSELING



Abubakr hosts events and activities to serve diverse needs across the community, ranging from seminars to sports competitions, etc.

Community Services

  • Masjid is Open NOW! 
  • Abubakr Islamic center is committed to maintaining the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation practices in accordance with guidelines from the public health.  For everyone’s safety, we kindly ask that you follow the guidelines and listen to our volunteers.
  • The following guidelines must be followed by congregation members in order to maintain a safe environment.
  • * Masjid will open 20 minutes before salah and closes after Salah
  • * One must bring their own prayer rug  
  • * One must wear a facial mask
  • * One must keep 6 feet from others (social distancing) 
  • * Come with Wudhu  
  • * Pray in the designated spot
  • * Bring a plastic bag for your shoes and keep it near you at all times
  • * Enter and exit from the doors indicated as ENTRANCE and EXIT
  • * Leave building immediately after the prayer 
  • * Avoid gathering in parking lot after prayer
  • * Anyone experiencing symptoms should not attend
  • * Sisters, Children, Elders and Immunocompromised are         recommended to stay home. 
  • * One must have their temp taken, if it is over 100 they may not enter.

Summer Program 

Education Program 

ive Lectures

Stay tune to
our live lectures