Abubakr Islamic Center of WA is the center of religious, educational and social activities for the Muslim community in Washington State, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Also,  Abubakr Islamic Center offers a diverse range of classes and lectures conducted by local scholars on a weekly basis. These educational gatherings provide a platform for individuals to learn about and engage with various aspects of Islamic teachings and practices.

These classes cover a wide array of topics, catering to different levels of understanding and interests. Whether it’s an introductory course on the fundamentals of Islam, an in-depth study of the Quran, or a discussion on Islamic jurisprudence, attendees can find classes suited to their needs. The shaykhs  leading these classes are knowledgeable and experienced, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

Overall, the series of classes and lectures offered by Abubakr Islamic Center provide a valuable platform for local shuyookhs and teachers to share their knowledge, foster a sense of community, and empower individuals to better comprehend and practice their faith.